kvitfjell alpinanlegg

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Kvitfjell Alpinanlegg
Kvitfjellvegen 471
2634 Fåvang
Phone: +47 612 83 600

Kvitfjell is located 200 km north of Oslo airport. From Oslo/ Oslo airport you can take the bus or the train to Ringebu station. From here you have to take a taxi to get up to mountains where Kvitfjell is located. Phone number taxi: +47 612 80 710 

By car: 

The trip from Oslo to Kvitfjell takes about 3 hours 30 mins along the E6, and roughly the same time along R4 via Gjøvik.
From Oslo airport the drive time is around 3 hours. 
Parking at Kvitfjell is free. 

By train: 

Take the train heading for Trondheim along the Dovre line (Regional train). You can also take the local train between Oslo and Dombås (R10).
The train station closed to Kvitfjell is Ringebu station. Kvitfjell is just 15-20 minute taxi ride from the station. 
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Journey time Oslo-Ringebu: 3 and a half hours 
Journey time Oslo airport-Ringebu: 3 hours 
Journey time Trondheim-Ringebu: 3 hours and 50 minutes. 

By Ferry: 

If you are traveling to Norway from Denmark, taking the ferry to either Larvik or Oslo is the perfect choice for you. Kvitfjell is ca. 350 km by car from Larvik and 250 km from Oslo. 

By Bus:

You can take the bus from Oslo/Oslo airport to Ringebu. 
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