Møt Jøkukl, maskoten i Kvitfjell

KIDS Kvitfjell: Meet Jøkul

Hi, my name is Jøkul!


KIDS Kvitfjell - Jøkul

A long time ago, when the world was covered in ice and snow, mystical snow monsters lived in the Norwegian mountains. These Yeties were big, furry creatures. They looked a little scary, but they are completely harmless. 

One day, the ice started melting and the whole world changed. The mountais shock, and huge avalanches covered the land in snow. All the Yeties disappeard. All except from one, the little Yeti Jøkul. Jackal still lives in Kvitfjell, while he is waiting for is Yeti friends to find him. 

Jøkul lives in a beautiful snow cave, with glittering icicles hanging from the roof, reflecting the sunlight outside. Even though he loves his cave, he still uses most of his time walking around in the mountain. The thing is, sometimes you can fint big, colorful diamonds in Kvitfjell, hidden under the snow. No one knows where they come from or why they are here, but Jøkul is very keen on finding these diamonds. When he finds one, he goes back to his cave and smashes the diamonds into glittering diamond dust. This dust is the most precious Jøkul has. When the moon is high on the sky, he climbs to the top of Kvitfjell and spread the diamond dust in the wind. The dust makes the whole mountain twinkle in the moonlight. Jøkul hope that this will help his friends find him. 

Luckily for Jøkul, the human children has come to Kvitfjell. Jackal loves kids, but he is a little shy. Sometimes humans are scared when they see him because he is so big and furry. But the truth is that Jøkul is mutch more afraid of the humans than they are of him. Sometimes he hides behind the trees before he dares to come and say hello. When he feels safe, he loves giving au hugs to all the kids. 

Jøkul allways wants to meet new friends. Maybe they can help him collect diamonds are make the mountain twinkle?

Meet our new maskot Jøkul in the Family areas the whole winter.