Family areas

familieomrader KIDS

KIDS Kvitfjell

Kids Skitorget

Kids Skitorget is the family area located on Kvitfjell Vest. Here you'll have several lifts for the kids, KIDS-park , KIDS World Cup, kid skicross and brand new bbq cabins. 

KIDS GudbrandsGard

KIDS GudbrandsGard is located at Mellomstasjonen close to GudbrandsGard hotel (middle station). It has gone through some changes and has a brand new lift and new slope. It has all you need from several lifts and slopes, to a small hause for a warm break. 

KIDS World Cup

KIDS World Cup is a part of KIDS skitorget. The slope is a miniature of Olympiabakken on the other side of the mountain. Here we can take your time and there is also a photoarea. You'll get the photo on

The Junior Ski Patrol

All kids can join Junior Skipatrjuljen (skipatrole), every day in the season, from when KIDS GudbrandsGard opens. This is the job with no responsibilities but with benefits! Uniform and equippment can be picked up at the lifthouse in KIDS Skitorget or KIDS GudbrandsGard.