In the heart of the mountain

Spend your vacation or weekend in the heart of the mountain. With lakes, trails and all we have to offer right outside the cabin door.

Sommerferien i Kvitfjell.

Take your loved ones for a hike

Book cozy cabins and apartments in the middle of scenic Kvitfjell in Gudbrandsdalen.

Gå fra Kvitfjell og videre langt inn i Skeikampen og Peer Gynts rike.

Endless paths

Let the mountain take you higher this summer. Either by walking or biking.

Uendelig med stier i Kvitfjell.


Kvitfjell ski resort is 30 minutes north of Lillehammer and is a ski resort with slopes across the range from children's areas for the smallest, to black trails with Olympic standards.

Kvitfjell has a broad variety of mountain sides and terrain. On the west side you will find a broad specter for children of all ages, as well as parkes and fun slopes.
The middle station and the east side offers more skilled slopes, and is also located close to the hotell.

All mountain sides are connected by chair lifts, and if you like your journey could start at the bottom and it will carry you all the way to the top and to the west. 




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Lågen vinker hallo og bader i sola. God torsdag! Snart helg🙏 #fnugg #visitnorway #visitlillehammer
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Med utgangspunkt fra Varden kan dere fra oss sykle helt til Skei og Gålå, og helt til Lillehammer om så. Underveis kan man stoppe på flere fine topper og nyte utsikten til Peer Gynts rike. Velkommen til fjells! Sommeren er langt fra over 🙏 #kvitfjell #fnugg #visitlillehammer
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Mange fine turmuligheter på fine stier i Kvitfjell! #kvitfjell #fnugg #visitlillehammer #visitnorway
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Vil du vite hvor du finner denne utsikten? Sjekk ut Høgkleiva under Høydepunkter! #visitlillehammer #visitnorway #kvitfjell #landsbyenringebu #høgkleiva
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