Ski Service

Full service on ski equipment or just some gliding?

The ski workshops with their skilled staff fix everything from waxing, sharpening, and binding mounting. Customize your ski boots or get full service on your skis. The knowledgeable staff at the ski workshop assist with everything from waxing and sharpening to binding mounting. 

Drop off your equipment at the end of the day, and it'll be ready by 9:00 AM the next day. If you need skis to get back to your cabin or apartment, they can be borrowed from Kvitfjell ski rental.


Price list for ski service:

Race Prep from kr 1100,- Planing, P-tex, planing, edge sharpening, race structure, hand edge, hand wax

Full Prep from kr 850,- Planing, P-tex, planing, structure, machine edge, and machine wax

Standard Prep kr 650,- Planing, structure, machine edge, and machine wax

Standard Prep JR (skis under 120 cm) kr 450,- Planing, structure, machine edge, and machine wax

Edge and Wax kr 300,- Machine edge and machine wax

Standard Prep Cross-Country Skis 650,- Planing, structure, machine edge, and machine wax.

Machine Wax kr 150,-

Machine Edge kr 200,-

Hand Wax kr 350,-

Repairs kr 1000,- per hour


For the best possible skiing experience, proper equipment is crucial whether you're a beginner or an experienced skier. By customizing your ski boots, you'll get boots that match your level, needs, and desires.

We tailor the boot and accessories to fit your foot so that your foot will sit correctly in the shoe, and you'll experience more comfort and improved quality of the skiing experience. The boot will fit snugly but not tightly, and you'll experience better control. If you're a more experienced skier, you'll find that you both ski better and get increased contact and response from the skis.   

"The right shoe and size are important for a good skiing experience. The shoe should fit precisely on the foot to be able to transfer power from the skier to the skis, while also being comfortable and warm enough to ski all day and for several days in a row," says Edvard G. Kjørstad, Sport 1 Kvitfjell.   

Sport 1 Kvitfjell is a specialty store for ski equipment and has very good expertise in equipment adjustment to ensure your skiing experience is as good as possible. They have branches at Skitorget on the west side and at the Mellomstasjonen on the east side. 

For more information, contact Sport 1 Kvitfjell here.