Cross-country trail suggestions

Cross-country trail suggestions

Here is an overview over cross-country trail suggestions in the Kvitfjell area.


Demanding trail starting at GudbrandsGard Hotell. The trail brings you up to the top of Kvitfjell. We recommend to take Kvitfjellekspressen to the top and start from there. Yellow/blue trail, 7km.

Skardbua/Peer Gynt til Skei

Svinslåa-skardbua 7.5 km, Kvitfjell GudbrandsGard Hotell- Skardbua 16 km. Kvitfjell- Skei 22 km. Demanding mountain trail. Skardbua is a place for taking a rest and in Easter you can get food and drinks here. Yellow/Green trail, 25km.


Easy trail in forrested terrain. This round brings you into Svinslåa-Gompen- Nysetra - Kvitfjell. Gompen is a good place for some rest. Blue trail, 20 km.

Digeråsen- Gålå - Fagerhøi

The round Digeråsen/Åsen seter 8km. Kvitfjell- gålå 28 km. Easy trails in varied terrain. From Vendalen you can also get to Fagerhøi. Blue trail, 28 km.


Excellent, easy trail in forrested terrain. Black trail, 1,5 km.

Skardbua via Veslesetra

Demanding trail in varried terrain. Partly in up in the mountains. Grenn trail, 9km.

Veslesetra - Myrsetra - Bånsetra - Skardbua

Marked, but without color-code, partly up in the mountains, through an exciting mountain area near Bånseterkampen, 19 km. 


Easy trail made for training in a forrested terrain around Gammelsetra. You start at GudbrandsGard Hotell. Red trail made for training, 6,5 km. 


Easy trail through forrested terrain. From Vestsiden through Svinslåa to the top of Kvitfjell. Orange trail, 7 km.