Big cabins in Kvitfjell

Our Chalets allow you to bring along family and friends and enjoy all the benefits of being in Kvitfjell.

Get new ski experiences at Kvitfjell with our biggest chalets! Our large lodges allow you to bring along family and friends and enjoy all the benefits of being in Kvitfjell.The large lodges have between 5 and 10 bedrooms and have up to 40 beds per chalet. All our units are non-smoking.

Keys and other information is obtained at Kvitfjell Velkomstsenter, Fåvang. Check-in takes place earliest at 4 p.m. and check-out no later than 11 a.m.

For booking, call +47 612 49 000 or send booking request


Bukkerittet and Kvitberget

Bukkerittet i Kvitfjell


Bukkerittet is a grand cabin located on Kvitfjells west side. The cabin has 5 bedrooms, 12-16 beds in total, 2 bathrooms, sauna and a fully equipped kitchen. The cabin is located with easy ski in and ski out to both alpine and cross country skiing at Kvitfjell west.

The closest cabin next door is Kvitberget. Another great cabin on the west side of Kvitfjell. Here you can find room for 8-11 people, 2 bathrooms and a fully equipped kitchen. 

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Dæhlie cabin



Dæhlie cabin is the biggest cabin we have in Kvitfjell. Located at the middle station on the east side. In total it has 40 beds, 10 bedrooms, 9 bathrooms and a huge kitchen. The cabin is typically used by big families and friends, companies and for weddings and bigger celebrations. The cabin is located about 400 meters from Kvitfjell alpine resort. 

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Furuseth cabin

Furusethhytta fasade somer


The Furuseth cabin is also located on Kvitfjells middle station, on the east side. It has a magnificent view to Gudbrandsdalen. The cabin has 8 bedrooms, 6 bathrooms and its own relax department. Its suitable for bigger families, friends, conferanse and course or companies. It is located about 600 meters from the alpine resort and has great cross country slopes close by. 

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Kvitfjellgard vinter


Kvitfjellgard is a great cabin, build in the traditional norwegian style of log building. Its located on the middle station as well, on the east side. It has 20 beds, 7 bedrooms, a fully equipped kitchen, 2 bathrooms and a washing room. The cabin i fits perfect for friends, a big family or a company. 

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