Safe on snow

This years ski season will be affected by Covid19. Following is the rules and adjustments both done by us, but also what we expect from you this year.


We are all ready well ahead looking at various infection control measures and adaptations for this years ski season. This work is done together with the Alpine Resorts Union (ALF), FHI, the authorities and last but not least, the municipal doctor. We will try to give you answers on how we will carry out this year's ski season. Nobody knows for sure what the next six months will be like, but we know that it will snow and that it will be winter again!

We will do everything to ensure that this season is as similar as possible to a regular season, but we depend on you following the advice that has been given and is given, and that we also have rules and infection control in place.

Below you will find a description of the main rules that apply to the facility.

We also point out that these rules will be very visible in the facility at the start of the season, and that they may be changed in line with national updates.


Kvitfjell Alpinanlegg.



The most important thing we demand of you as a guest before you start skiing is that you make decisions on the following:

  • Am I sick?
  • Am I in quarantine?

In that case, we do NOT want you to visit our facilities. We are completely dependent on people who have symptoms, are ill or are in quarantine staying at home.


If you are not one of the points above, we want you to abide by the rules we are all pretty familiar with now, but let's repeat them:

  • Sick stay at home
  • Good hand and cough hygiene
  • At least 1 meter distance


What happens if you get symptoms or get sick if you visit one of our ski resorts this winter? Then we have the following advice for you and you:

  • Go home as soon as possible
  • Wait outside or in a separate room if possible
  • Do not take public transport
  • Cover your mouth and nose or keep 2 meters away from others


To prevent queues, all lift tickets MUST be purchased online or in the app.

You can fill up a WTP (Access card) that you already have. If you do not have a WTP card from before, this can be bought in selected shops and in hotels.

You can also buy the card online and pick it up in our pickup boxes at the facility. There will be serviced hatches where you have usually bought a ticket, but only to sell season tickets or assist if you need help.
All guests are informed when purchasing a lift pass that they MUST follow the infection control advice, and that they must not be present in the area in case of symptoms of a respiratory infection.

Violation of these rules may result in expulsion from the site.

If you have a problem or need help regarding this, contact the ticket office/reseption or send an email.
Buy lift tickets safely with us this year - we have refund schemes you can read here.


Kvifjell Alpinanlegg sett fra drone.

Heis i Kvitfjell Alpinanlegg.


Many are wondering if there will be reduced capacity on the lift this year. We do not yet have a final answer to this as we are working in consultation with the municipal supervisor on this.

But we encourage you as guests to:

  • Take the elevator with your own
  • Keep 1 meter away from others if you are driving with people other than people from your own household or gang. At least one seat between you

What are we doing to help you?

  • Contact reduction measures
  • Do not actively fill the elevators
  • Remove single queues


Ski school is a welcome product for many, but here too there will be changes this year.

We want this from you:

  • Sick children do not participate
  • Keep 1 meter apart

This is what we do:

  • Inform children about infection control
  • Maximum 20 pax in each group
  • Limit contact
  • Limit sharing of common equipment
  • Fixed groups

Skiskolen i Kvitfjell.

Skiutleie i Kvitfjell Alpinanlegg.


Many of you want to rent skis or snowboards. This will still be possible, but we want you to book this in advance and then you will be told where to pick up the skis at designated places.

This is what we do:

  • QR codes for a guest to be able to register via their mobile
  • Automatic queuing system
  • Signs, posters and floor info will give you messages
  • Disposable hoods
  • Rods and helmets are moved to avoid testing
  • Helmets and equipment are cleaned with soap and water or disinfected after use
  • Helmets can be quarantined if necessary


Our restaurants will be open as usual, but with a space limit. 

When it comes to afterski, there will still be an offer, but within the current infection control rules. This means that distance requirements of 1 meter must be followed and serving takes place at tables, among other things. The traditional afterski will not be quite as before, but we still promise a pleasant atmosphere at all our restaurants.

Sports shops will also be open, but in both contexts we encourage people to do the following:

  • Ask the staff before trying on clothes / glasses / shoes
  • 1 meter distance

This is what we do:

  • Posters and floor info to inform
  • Waiting areas for restaurants will mainly be out in heated areas
  • Encourage pre-sale to reduce accumulation
  • All contact surfaces are washed frequently, especially card machines and other frequently used machines

Mat og servering på Gudbrandsgard Hotell i Kvitfjell.

Koia Afterski i Kvitfjell.


Kvitfjell Alpinanlegg sett fra østsiden.


This year we have our own rules for refunds and cancellations. You can read more and updated questions and answers here.

Otherwise, there are the following requests to you guests:

  • Follow the instructions you receive by email about where to pick up keys
  • Let us know if you are ill or something else occurs that we should know

This is what we do:

  • We have stricter routines for cleaning, and follow the guidelines in our industry
  • We disinfect all necessary contact points, such as door handles, toilets, remote controls and other slippery surfaces
  • All our units are equipped with disinfectant

Read infections rules for the Gudbrandsgard Hotell here

Read terms and conditions here