Salgsbetingelser Kvitfjell

Terms and Conditions

General terms and conditions

These terms and conditions are valid for any products purchased on or, from our call center, directly from an agent, travel agency or operator as well as for guests in our accommodation units. Consumer purchases are regulated in the following Norwegian laws; forbrukerkjøpsloven, angrerettloven, markedsføringsloven, personopplysningsloven, e-handelsloven og kredittkjøpsloven. Further information can be obtained through (in Norwegian).

These general terms and conditions apply for all services and deliveries by Alpinco AS and its subsidiaries, including Hafjell Alpinsenter AS, Hafjell Skiskole AS, Hafjell Skiutleie AS, Kvitfjell Alpinanlegg AS, HafjellKvitfjell Booking AS, from now on called "Seller".

Where written notice is required, this can be obtained by SMS, e-mail, letter, etc.


1. General information

1.1. Any one purchasing through or must be 18 years or older. This applies to all services and deliveries ordered online, except accomodation (see § 1.2).

1.2. Any one ordering accommodation must be 23 years or older. This also applies for the responsible individual during the stay. Valid ID must be presented upon check-in.

1.3. Please examine the order confirmation and make sure it's correct. The customer is responsible for checking that the order confirmation is in accordance with the deliveries ordered.

1.4. The seller will not take responsibility for any error, omission or inaccuracy in advertising material. These conditions are here to protect you as our guest, the accommodation service as well as the distributors and sellers.


2. Ordering

2.1. You will receive an order confirmation once you have placed your order, assuming you have used a valid e-mail address.

2.2. The seller and any partners have the full responsibility for keeping your login information safe. We guarantee your personal data will not be sold or in any other way misused without your prior consent.

2.3. When you ordering from us, you acknowledge we have to send your information relevant to your order to your e-mail address.


3. Prices

3.1. The agreed prices are binding for all parties.

3.2. The seller reserve the right to change the prices because of increased wholesale costs, tax increase or other circumstances beyond our control.

3.3. The seller will not take responsibility for any errors, omissions or inaccuracies in prices.


4. Payment

4.1. Upon placing an order, the whole amount may be paid in full, or partly, per the products purchased.

4.2. If paying by invoice (applicable only to large groups when purchasing through our call center) a fee of NOK 80,- will be charged.

4.3. Upon confirmation of the stay, the customer accepts these terms and conditions. 50% of the total amount for accommodation must be paid when placing the order. The residual amount must be paid no less than 28 prior to arrival. If the payment is received later than 28 days prior to arrival, the full amount must be paid in full.
Orders not paid in full upon arrival may be cancelled.


5. Cancellations and changes

5.1. In case of reservations cancelled more than 28 days prior to arrival/56 days for big chalets and for several than 2 chalets, all advance payments are fully refunded, except a cancellation/administration fee of NOK 500 per booked unit. 

5.3. All cancellations must be done in writing, by e-mail to HafjellKvitfjell Booking ([email protected]), or to Gudbrandsgard hotell (

5.4. The guest is responsible for private travel insurance.


6. Cancellation insurance

6.1. Cancellation insurance for the accommodation (NOK 500,-) may be purchased together with the booking, but may not be ordered after the booking.

6.2. If you purchase a cancellation insurance, you are granted the right to cancel your accommodation booking up to the day prior to arrival. The cost cancellation insurance itself (NOK 500,-) will not be refunded.

6.3. The cancellation insurance is valid for the following scenarios, which cannot be known when placing the order:

a) Death, illness or accident affecting you or someone in your close family or one or more travelling companions.
b) Mandatory army rehearsals.
c) Any incident beyond your control, which was not known upon the date of your purchase.

6.4. Any incident must be documented. Valid documentation is a medical certificate, government documentation or documentation from your insurance company/agent. The documentation must be sent to us as soon as possible. Please send it to [email protected]


7. Force Majeure and weather conditions

7.1. The seller and any of our partners are not responsible for weather conditions, closed facilities or any other incidents beyond our control. The seller will not take responsibility for any errors, omissions, technical difficulties or inaccuracies. Any party may cancel the agreement due to Force Majeure, e.g. natural disasters, acts of war, discontinued water or electricity supplies, and similar incidents beyond our control.

7.2. Should an incident beyond our control occur, we reserve the right to move the guest to a similar, or better, place of accommodation. When possible, the guest will be informed in due time prior to such events. Events beyond our control does not give the right to cancel your stay or claim a refund.


8. Check-in and check-out in Hafjell

8.1. Keys must be collected and delivered in the reception in Hafjell Alpinsenter. The address is Hundervegen 122-124, 2636 Øyer. This is also valid for cabins and apartments in and around the Gaiastova area. Please be advised that the road to the Hafjelltoppen area is a toll road (NOK 30,-) that must be paid by the guest.

8.2. Check-in starts at 17:00

8.3. Check-out no later than 11:00


9. Check-in and check-out in Kvitfjell

9.1. Keys for cabins and apartments must be collected and delivered in our reception at Fåvang Stasjon. The address is Stasjonsveien 19, 2634 Fåvang. Follow the E6 highway and exit towards Kvitfjell ved Fåvang (Fåvang is approx.. 50 Km north of Lillehammer). Follow the signs to Kvitfjell, and you will see Fåvang Stasjon (red building) after the bridge over the Gudbrandsdalslågen river. For arrivals outside of our opening hours, the keys will be placed in a box on the north side of the building. You will receive directions to the cabin together with your keys. Please let us know if you arrive late.

9.3. Check-in starts at 17:00

9.4. Check-out no later than 11:00


10. Check-in and check-out at Gudbrandsgard Hotel

10.1. Check-in at our front desk reception.

10.2. Directions: Gudbrandsgard Hotel is situated at the Mellomstasjonen at Kvitfjell Resort. GPS coordinates: N 61 28.358 E 10 08.068. Follow the E6 to Fåvang then use these directions: Take the northbound E6 towards Fåvang and follow signs for Kvitfjell. After 10 km, take a left turn (signposted "Mellomstasjonen" and Gudbrandsgard hotell). Distance from E6 to finish area - 5 km and only 15 km from E6 up to Mellomstasjonen. If you have problems finding your way simply call our reception on +47 61 28 48 00.

10.3. Check-in starts at 16:00

10.4. Check-out no later than 11:00


11. The guests' responsibilities

11.1. The guest must treat the cabin or apartment in such a manner that no damages occur.

11.2. Noise or nuisances to other guests will not be tolerated. Should we be alerted about noise or nuisances bothering other guests, you may be evicted and no refund will be given. Damages to inventory will be charged upon departure.

11.3. Pets are only allowed where written permission is given.

11.4. Cleaning: The cabin or apartment must be tidied upon departure. Rented linen must be taken off the beds and placed beside the bed. Remember to close and lock all doors and windows.

11.5. Linen: Duvets and pillows are in the cabins or apartments, clean linen may be rented from HafjellKvitfjell Booking (or bring your own). Linen rental must be ordered from us no later than one week prior to arrival.

11.6. Any damages to the cabin or apartment will be charged to the guest.

11.7. We have a strict non smoking policy in all of our cabins and apartments. There is a NOK 1500,- fine for smoking in the apartment or cabin.

11.8. The guest must comply with our rules for pets, smoking and the use of open fire. Violations will be charged a NOK 1500,- fine upon departure.

11.9. Electricity is included in the price. Wood is not included, but may be ordered separately.

11.10. Lift tickets sold together with accommodation must be collected together with the keys (see § 10).


12. Complaints

12.1. Any complaints must be communicated on site. Contact us immediately if you have a complaint. We reserve the right to correct any complaints immediately. Any complaints set forth after departure will not be compensated.


13. Terms for lift tickets

13.1. The lift ticket is personal and cannot be lent, sold or otherwise used by more than one person.

13.2. If you lose your season pass, a new season pass can be purchased, but a fee of NOK 300,- plus the price of a new Axess-card is applied.

13.3. There are no refunds for lift tickets. Cancellations can be made up to 10 days before arrival. In case of illness, this is reimbursed by documentation. Read more about guidelines for lift ticket purchases here.

13.4. Breaking the alpine code of conduct in our slopes or violation of the lift ticket terms will lead to cancellation of the lift ticket and no refunds.

13.5. There are no refunds for stopped lifts, bad weather, power outage, etc.

13.6. Parts of our slopes may be temporarily closed due to training or competitions.

13.7. Axess-card is mandatory, except for single trips in the gondola in Hafjell. All children under the age of 7 must also have a Axess-card, even if the ski for free.

13.8. Children ages 0-6 get a free lift ticket when using a helmet and a Axess-card. The Axess-card must be activated in the ticket booth.

14. Terms for ski rental

14.1. A valid ID is mandatory when renting equipment.

14.2. All payments upfront. A refund requires a medical certificate.

14.3. Alpine skis may be easily misplaced. Remember how your skis look and never leave them unattended.

14.4. Rented equipment must only be used in the designated areas. Any damage to rented equipment will be charged upon delivery.

14.5. The seller is not responsible for theft of equipment.

14.6. The seller is not responsible for any damages to equipment or injuries to yourself or other people during the rental period.

14.7. No refunds unless you have a written medical certificate.

14.8. Return the rented equipment when the rental period is over.

14.9. It is your responsibility to approve of the rented equipment before use.

14.10. Alpine skis have a release mechanism. The decreases the risk of injuries but is no guarantee for your safety. Snowboards have no release mechanism. Ski safe!


15. Terms for ski school

15.1. All payments upfront.

15.2. Upon cancellation at leas tone day before your lesson, the full amount will be refunded, minus a fee of NOK 195,-

15.3. Same-day cancellations require a medical certificate for refunds (minus a fee of NOK 195,-).

15.4. Group sessions in Hafjell:

- Meeting place for group sessions in Hafjell is at the Ski School meeting point next to the chairlift 1.
- Group sessions must have at least three (3) skiers enrolled. With fewer skiers enrolled, we offer a one hour session at a reduced price.
- Group sessions always starts Monday (except during Christmas/New Years). All attendants start at day 1.

15.5. Private sessions in Hafjell:

- Meeting place is agreed with the Ski School.
- 60 and 90 min. sessions can be ordered online.
- 3 and 6 hour sessions must be ordered by e-mail or phone.

15.6. Group sessions in Kvitfjell:

- Meeting place for group sessions is at the Mellomstasjonen, next to the KIDS slope.

15.7. Private sessions in Kvitfjell:

- Meeting place for private sessions on the west side of Kvitfjell is by Skitorget. Meeting place for private sessions on the east side is at the Mellomstasjonen, next to the KIDS slope.
- Group sessions must have at least 3 participants per sessions/day. If fewer participants are enrolled, we offer 2x90 min. sessions.
- Group sessions always starts Monday (except during Christmas/New Years). All attendants start at day 1.

15.8. Important information to the parents/adults: The skiing instructors really appreciate information on beforehand if your child has special needs. This enables us to give the children the best possible skiing session. Parents should also make sure the children arrive the Ski School properly fed, clothed and full of energy. After the first day of Ski School, we assess the group and make any changes necessary in order to provide the best possible learning experience for the children.


16. Skiing code of conduct

16.1. Use a helmet, show consideration of others and follow these rules. We pride ourselves in making a safe and fun environment for all skiers.

16.2. It is your responsibility not to harm yourself or others.

16.3. Adjust your speed per your skiing skills and the slope conditions.

16.4. Yield: If you ski from behind/above, it is your responsibility to avoid collision.

16.5. Skiing straight downhill without making turns is prohibited, unless during training or competitions. Make room for others.

16.6. Starting, stopping or upward turns is not allowed unless you have made sure it's done in a safe place.

16.7. Do not stop or sit in blind spots.

16.8. Always use the edge of the slopes if you are walking.

16.9. Ski binding brakes are mandatory. Please make sure your bindings are correctly mounted and controlled.

16.10. Respect the signs.

16.11. Help if you see an accident, then call for the Ski Patrol. All skiers have a mandatory duty to help others in case of an accident or injury. Alcohol or drugs and skiing do not match. Violation of any of these rules may lead to expulsion from the resort.



Your privacy is important to Kvitfjell and we take our responsibility for the security of your personal information very seriously. We will protect your personal information and practice transparency about the information we collect about you and what we do with it. To reflect the latest changes in privacy laws, and our commitment to transparency, we have updated our Privacy Policy.


18.1 Personal protection Kvitfjell ("we") respect your privacy and process personal data as a data controller in accordance with the Personal Data Act. These terms provide you with information about how we process information about you.

What information we process and how we use it:

We process all visitor information. This is information that the server automatically generates when someone visits our website. This typically includes which pages were downloaded, time, which page you came from, IP address, device type (eg iPhone), browser type and operating system. Visitor information is used anonymously, for the purpose of operating and further developing the websites. If you fill in information in registration forms, we will also process the information that you fill in in the registration forms. This information is used to administer the services. Your e-mail address can be used to send you advertisements if you have agreed to this or it is otherwise permitted under Norwegian law. We also process your inquiries and feedback if you voluntarily contact us, or provide feedback on our website.


18.2 Disclosure to third parties

The information is handed over to our supplier Visittravelcom Technology Group AB, which hosts our websites. In addition, the information may be disclosed to one of the following companies in the same group: Hafjell Alpinsenter AS, HafjellKvitfjell Booking AS and Gudbrandsgard Hotell AS.


18.3 How do we store the information?

We have implemented technical, physical and organizational measures to prevent personal data from being lost or unauthorized persons gaining access to data. Below, we store the information encrypted where necessary. Visit information is deleted / anonymised on an ongoing basis, and a minimum of 14 days after the visit. The reason why we must store information about visits for a minimum of 14 days is in the event of any infection tracking. Other information we receive from you will be deleted when we no longer need to store it.


18.4 Links contains links to websites that are owned and operated by others. These privacy terms only apply to, and we are not responsible for how your personal information is processed on external sites.


18.5 Changes

We will publish changes to the privacy statement on the website. Your continued use of the website means that you accept the changed privacy terms. Users of the website should check the privacy statement regularly. may, by agreement with TripAdvisor, collect and make visible reviews from users who have published information on relevant destinations and products on TripAdvisor. You have waived all rights you may have when writing these user reviews. Your contributions may be freely used, copied, distributed and published in any media, and in any way, without your permission. See TripAdvisor terms and conditions for the site, privacy policy and cookie policy. We do not edit user reviews published on TripAdvisor, and cannot be held responsible for these reviews, or any other use, distribution or republishing of these. neither confirms nor denies opinions or attitudes expressed in user reviews. All decisions made on the basis of reviews or comments on are made at your own expense.


18.6 Cookies

We use cookies. These are data packets stored on your device. Our cookies are used to adapt the website to your use and settings, as well as to conduct anonymous surveys of user behavior on the website and register the number of visitors. Cookies can also be used for user-oriented marketing in accordance with current legislation.

We use the following cookies: Session-dependent cookies are used to register that a user is on our pages, and what choices the user makes. We use fixed cookies so that you do not have to change any fixed settings every time you visit our website (for example language). Most fixed cookies have an expiration date and will be deleted automatically after a given period. We use 3rd party cookies to obtain general statistics about visits to our websites (for example Google Analytics). You can choose to reject cookies in your browser. Through a function in your browser, you also choose whether / when you want to delete cookies.


18.7 Questions or Comments

If you have questions or comments about how we process personal information, you can contact us at [email protected]