Skikjøring på vestsiden i Kvitfjell.

Take the highway to the mountain

FÅVANG, You do not have to travel far or complicated to visit Kvitfjell. Just get to the highway and it will take you straight here.

Kvitfjell is magnificently located in the mountainside of Fåvang. A 45 minute drive from Lillehammer which takes you through Gudbrandsdalen and into Peer Gynt's kingdom. You can hardly miss it, and you can already glimpse the ground in all its splendor, long before actually driving off the highway.

Opp av tåka nedi dalen, til flotte forhold på toppen. Foto: Norges Skiforbund.


Several opportunities

From the motorway, take of at the sign guided for Kvitfjell. The road takes you across the lake and further up the mountain. Here you will eventually have a choice to drive either to the west side or up to the middle station and GudbrandsGard Hotel.

Kvitfjell's new west side is well worth a paragraph. A lot has happened here just in recent years. Not only has Skitorget at the bottom gotten a real boost, but the restaurants here are also some of the best of its kind. The all new Varden restaurant has already become well known even though it was opened just a short time ago. In addition, the Varden cabins is a whole new area with new, beautiful cabins located on the other side of Skitorget. From here you are connected to all lifts and hooks to the rest of Kvitfjell and the 34 kilometers of ski slopes.

Bakkene i Kvitfjell slynger seg mellom hytter og trær.


Straight to the slopes

If you drive to the middle station and are staying at GudbrandsGard Hotel, you will also find both excellent restaurants, such as Fór, as well as chalets and other accommodation in addition to the hotel. In recent years, it has also been expanded and refurbished here.

All in all, there are many opportunities in Kvitfjell, whether you come by bus, car or train. You can drive all the way up to the door where you will be staying, and from there you slip straight into the alpine mecca. It should also be mentioned that the cross-country trails run from either outside the cabins, or from the descent on the Varden chair lift, for example, and from there you can cross country your way both to Skeikampen and Gålå. The possibilities are endless.

Welcome to Kvitfjell skiing - straight up and straight out.