Kvitfjell huser ikke bare alpinbakker, men også milevis med langrennsspor.

No other resort with the same variations

FÅVANG, Don't let the eye fool you into believing Kvitfjell is just the raw downhill trail you see from the highway. If so you are in for a treat.

Peace, tranquility, and freshly groomed slopes as far as the eye can see. Wide and broad slopes where the word crowded barely exists. One can become purely euphoric when the chairlift bends over the first point in Kvitfjell. As you move on, you really get your eyes open for what the mountain is hiding.

Many would agree that this resort and mountain is a well kept secret. 

Variasjonen av løyper i Kvitfjell tilsier at her finner man noe for alle.


Groomed slopes and powder in beautiful harmony

From the summit in Kvitfjell, once you have passed the well-known World Cup trails such as Rossispranget and Wintherhogget, you will have several mountain sides at your full disposal. Whether it's down the west side, or over to the other side, Varden. From all sides you will also find the possibility of powder and freeskiing.

One of Kvitfjell's biggest advantages is the snow guarantee. Here you will find snow from early November that lasts til the end of April. The resort is located in a snow-safe region, so if you want to choose a place you know you get the most out of both money and muscle, then Kvitfjell is a sure winner.

In total, there are 34 kilometers of alpine slopes that spread out over the 854 altitude meters. The variety of green, blue, yellow and black trails is numerous, not to mention the Olympic formation trails. In addition, you will find miles of newly packed cross-country tracks throughout the season, giving you the opportunity to reach both Gålå, Gausdal and Skeikampen.

I Kvitfjell finner du både pudder og løssnø.