Junior Skipatrole


The job without responsibilities but with perks!

Every day in the seasoon from when Snørøverland opens, all kids can join Junior Skipatrole. Uniform and equippment can be collected from the lifthouse in the kids-slope at Vestisiden or in the lifthouse in Snørøverland. Be there early, cause this is a popular job! The Junior Skipatrole is helping us keeping an eye on the skiresort. If you are between 4-12 years old you have the opportunity to work as much as you want in Junior Skipatrole.

Equippment and uniform

junior skipatrulje

The kids wars the uniform in the slopes at their own (parents) risk and can communicate with other skipatrolers through "noisy-talkies" and can agree on meeting over an important hot chocolate-meeting and inform each other on things in the slopes. The uniform is a vest, first aid-kit, "noisy-talkies", and some other cool things! The equippment and uniform has to be delivered back when the day is over. There are two criterias for applying to the job: The skirules has to be taught and you have to wear a helmet!