Junior Skipatrol

The job without responsibilities but with perks!

All children can join Junior Ski Patrol (Jr. Ski P) every day throughout the season. Under the supervision of the parents, the children can cruise through our ski resort wearing the uniform and making sure everything looks great. The Junior Ski Patrollers can communicate with each other through the «noisy-talkies» and for example schedule to meet for a warm drink.  

The uniform and equipment have to be obtained in one of our ski rentals. Be there early, because this is a popular job, and there is a limited number of Junior Ski Patol sets. The uniform is a specially designed vest, a first-aid kit and a «noisy-talkie». All children working as a Junior Ski Patrol gets one free warm drink at designated restaurants within the resort. 

The Junior Ski Patrol is a voluntary activity that is not supervised by resort staff. The young patrollers help us keep an «eye» on the skiresort. If you are between the age 4-12 you have the opportunity to work as much as you want in the Junior Ski Patrol.
There are some criterias for working as a Junior Ski Patrol: 
1)    Wear a helmet
2)    Learn the ski safety rules
At the end of the day, the uniform and equipment have to be returned to one of our ski rentals and a diploma will be handed out. 

junior skipatrulje