Gudbrandsgard hotell i Kvitfjell.

Half the experience is in the food

KVITFJELL, Between the snow and slopes there is a world of variations of places to eat in Kvitfjell.

All the slopes and tracks of Kvitfjell have a restaurant to offer you.

Whether you are staying at the hotel, driving on the west side or staying in the courtyard. The variety is great, but know that fast food is not found anywhere in the plant. Here the focus is real raw materials. Below you can read about some of the restaurants you will find in Kvitfjell.

Fôr - Wine menu and bakery

Hjemmelaget blomkålsuppe på Fôr.

FFFôr is one of the many restaurants at Kvitfjell and is located in the middle station, just by GudbrandsGard hotel. The place has a small bakery where cab guests can pre-order bread, rolls and cakes with a 24 hour notice. They serve delicious lunch and also have themed evenings on weekends with 5 and 7 course dinners with wine menu.

The owners of Fôr are the same ones who operate the Varden restaurant which you can read about further down.

Tyrihanstunet - Afterski and Club Sandwich

Koselig i sola på Tyrihanstunet.

Located on the west side of Kvitfjell you can quickly see the small characteristic stag houses which are nicely laid out in the terrain right by the ski slopes. Here you slip right into the food service or sit down at the bonfire. There are a total of three buildings here: Fjøset Afterski, the pizza house and Tyrihans Ski café.

Tyrihanstunet offers good food from tempting menus, good service and perfect location just up the hill on the west side of Kvitfjell. The menu consists of, among other things, the classic Club Sandwich, the tomato soup and the pizza which is worth a taste.

The café opens with breakfast service at 10:00 and Fjøset is open until the last guest goes home.

Koia - legendary Afterski and trademark

Koia afterski har tiltrukket folk til Kvitfjell i mange år.

Koia has become a must for anyone visiting Kvitfjell. Either you've heard of Lars running the place, or you've heard the sound of music and laughter here every afternoon throughout the season. No matter what attracts you, Koia is a place that does not distinguish anyone.

Koia is a three-hundred-year-old log house full of soul - and in its time inhabited by the last woman who was beheaded here in the valley ... But fear not. Today, the mood is anything but gloomy. With ski in and ski out from the middle station of Kvitfjell, it is nice to swing by here for something good to bite or something good to drink. The menu is as simple as good. Among other things, you will find Norway's best gourmet sausages from Albert Idsøe that are both award-winning and highly addictive, along with other simple foods that fit perfectly after a few hours of skiing.

Varden restaurant

The Varden restaurant is, as the name implies, on the Varden side of Kvitfjell. This is brand new and opened just over the New Year season 2020. The restaurant is cozy and nicely incorporated into the terrain right by the descent of the chairlift on the Varden side. In addition, it is right next to the cross-country trails that take you to Skeikampen, Gålå, Gausdal and so on.

The restaurant focuses on proper ingredients and home baking. Be it a proper cinnamon bun in front of the fireplace, or a good glass of wine with a lobster soup. The food is of course seasonal and will vary, but here you will find something that will satisfy and suit all.

As described above, Varden is run by the same owners as Fôr, which is located at the middle station right next to the hotel.

Freshly baked cinnamon buns at Varden in Kvitfjell.


GudbrandsGard Hotel - bar, buffet and fireplace

The hotel at Kvitfjells middle station is itself worth a visit. Here they offer a lot of good food, wine and also has a SPA. In the lobby bar there is far more than just drinks. Home-made soup is served, as well as a selection of delicious and tempting sandwiches. It is also possible to enjoy today's selection of baked goods, as well as a large selection of coffee and tea.

Gildestua serves breakfast and dinner buffet, as well as a daily and good selection of raw foods and salads adapted to both vegan and vegetarian diets. Good dressings, delicious olive oil and good bread are included. The hot dishes are rustic and tasty, and are often served in the form of a stew, roast or whole fish with carefully selected accessories. The desserts are home-made, or purchased at specialty stores, so we can always stand for high quality.

Prepperiet is the old fireplace room in the hotel which has been renovated in a modern Nordic style. This is the hotel's event restaurant and opens one to three times a month for various events and theme nights. Some of the highlights are winemakers dinner, various guest chefs and other culinary experiences.

Lobbybaren på GudbrandsGard hotell serverer enkle matretter og drikke.