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GudbrandsGard hotell

This must have been how Asbjørnsen and Moe imagined their Royal Estate to look, with the hotel towering over the valley of Gudbrandsdalen. GudbrandsGard was completed in 1998 and is a high quality hotel situated in the heart of the slopes at Kvitfjell Alpine Resort.

GudbrandsGard Hotel, with its excellent view over Rondane and the river Lågan, is built in a fine, traditional, Norwegian style, with timbers and staves, grassy roofs and natural stonework, and can offer many fantastic experiences. The furniture and interior have been designed especially for the hotel. The new congress hall and Plaza Café were added in 2006 during expansion works and the hotel can boast ski-in, ski-out straight onto Kvitfjell Alpine Resort; Norway's national alpine facility.
Here you can experience the country's best alpine slopes or take a cross-country trip on the Peer Gynt trail. At GudbrandsGard you will also find one of Norway's most comprehensive wine cellars and a kitchen that has a long tradition of combining local produce with international inspiration. Conferences can also be arranged here for groups ranging from 2-250 persons. We can offer après-ski on The Terrace and in the Ski Bar, culinary experiences in the restaurant or café and there is always our wellness centre to explore. The hotel has something for everyone, whether you are a conference guest or a private visitor. The hotel is privately owned and is not part of a chain.
If you wish to have an incredible experience then you are welcome to visit us at GudbrandsGard Hotel.
Address: Kvittfjellvegen 477, 2634 Fåvang
Phone: +4761284800