Dining & afterski


Restaurants and after ski in Kvitfjell

Gourmetsausage at Koia, club sandwich at Tyrihans, homemade burger at Plaza, lunch at Prepperiet at GudbrandsGard or barista made coffe and fresh pastries at Ski In Diner. 


GudbrandsGard Hotell's new restaurant which serves tasteful meals made from local ingredients. Sirloin of venison or several types of meat and fish with great sauce and vegetables awaits you. The ingredients is is local and the animals lives up in the mountain, eating herbs and other good things which makes a spescial flavour. The nearest farm is Myrvoll, where the pigs lives outside next to the slopes. 


The Lobby cafe

The Lobby bar at GudbrandsGard Hotell has become a cosy cafe with simple foods, nice coffee and quality tea.


At Tyrhanstunet on the west side of Kvitfjell there is three restaurants. Tyrihans Skicafe, The Pizza House and the after ski place named Fjøset. Great service in old norwegian environments makes Tyrihanstunet worth a visit or two during your stay in Kvitfjell. 

The Cafe serves breakfast from 10.00 and Fjøset don't close until the last person is ready to go home. 


Koia lunch and after ski - the middle station

A day in Kvitfjell is not complete without a stop at Koia. The threehundred year old log-house is filled with soul and good vibes at the lunch and afterski. The menu is simple, but good: gourmet sausages, goulache soup and plenty of hot and cold drinks to offer. 

Monday- Sunday from 12.00-6.00pm

Koia afterski

Ski In Diner - the west side

Ski in Diner is located at Skitorget at the west side of Kvitfjell. Lunch menu, soup buffet, great coffee and pastries is waiting for you.  

Mondy-Friday: 11-15.30
Saturday-Sunday and holidays: 10-16.00

The Ski Bar at Gudbrandsgard Hotell - middle station

The Ski Bar at GudbrandsGard is newly renovated and has a new restaurant right next door. You'll find an exclusive bar and a charming atmosphere the whole night.

The Ski Bar

Opening hours 

Monday - Thursday from 18.00-02.00
Friday - Saturday 15.00-02.00

The openinghours may be adjusted after the hotel guest needs.