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Spacious and practical double cabin at Kvitfjell East. Ski in /Ski out.

Everything is set for a wonderful holiday or weekend in Kvitfjell. Live in a new and beautiful double cabin with easy access to both alpine and cross country skiing.

In the summer we have great hiking and bicycle options. With a half hour's drive you can see several attractions like Hunderfossen in south and Fron waterpark in the north. Short distance to the small villages such as Ringebu and Fåvang.

The cabin has fully equipped kitchen with doublefridge / freezer, stove, dishwasher and microwave.
There is also a nice dining furniture with room for 10 people. If you are a Group of 16, you can use both Kitchen and livingroom for dining.
The livingroom in the second floor has sofa, TV and fireplace.

Loft living room at the 3. floor has a cozy seating area and TV

5 separate bedrooms
Bedroom 1: Family bunkbed, double under and single bed abow.
Bedroom 2: Family bunkbed, double under and single bed abow
Bedroom 3: Double bed
Bedroom 4: Double bed + singelbed with an retractable bed (for 2 persons)
Bedroom 5: Double bed + singelbed with an retractable bed (for 2 persons)

Babybed and babychair availeble in the cabin.

2 separate bathrooms
Bathroom 1: shower, toilet, bathtub and sauna
Bathroom 2: Shower, WC, laundrymachine.

Outdoor parking for max 2 cars. Free WiFi. Terrace

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