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Exclusive and newly built seter cabin of very high standard and with a unique location overlooking the ski slopes of Kvitfjell, built according to traditional Norwegian craft methods.
The property consists of three cottages and a fantastic spa area in a separate barn.
The place is suitable for both families traveling together and for celebrations of weddings, and other festive occasions.
The cabins on the seter have a total of 6 bedrooms, a library which can be converted into a bedroom + a sleeping alcove.
18-22 beds, 4 bathrooms, 2 fully equipped kitchens with dining areas seating respectively 22 and 10 people.

The seter property contains a total of 260 sqm living space and about 40 sqm wardrobe / storage space and consists of 3 cottages + a fantastic spa section in a separate barn.
The seter is sheltered from traffic and has a large field area, perfect for children to play and ski There is a short way to the cross-country track, and ski in / ski out via a skiing track with a small uphill slope of about 100 meters on the way home to the cabin.
Two of the cabins are connected by a very large underground wardrobe and hallway. This area also contains a drying room for ski clothes and boots. The main cabin contains a large kitchen and living / dining room, a library, a sleeping alcove and a bathroom as well as a guest toilet, while cabin no. 2 contains 3 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms.
The living room in the main cabin is equipped with sofa, TV and fireplace. There is a pool table and
separate library with armchairs for relaxing in front of the fireplace.
Fully equipped kitchen with 2 refrigerators, freezer, hob, 2 dishwashers, combo microwave / oven, oven, waffle iron, quooker, coffee machine and kettle.
Large dining table seating up to 18 people while another 4 can sit by the adjoining kitchen island.

The Annex of the seter is separate and contains 3 bedrooms, bathroom and own kitchen fully equipped with dishwasher, hob, oven, quooker, refrigerator with drawers and a board fireplace.

Large luxury spa department with stone-carved bathtub for 2 people, a tub with a great view through large glass sliding doors that open. 1 cold water ´waterfall´ to be used before and after sauna with fireplace that works with both open fire and electricity, 3 different showers with and without light and between 1 and 3 different types of jets as well as experiences such as RainAir, WhirlAir, etc. 2 footbaths made of stone and a relaxing area seating 8-10 people.
In the summer you have great hiking opportunities both on foot and by bike. With a half an hour drive you will reach several attractions such as Hunderfossen in the south and Fron water park in the north.Short distance to small towns with shopping opportunities like Fåvang and the village of Ringebu. It is a short hour´s car ride to the river Sjoa and Sjoa Rafting where there are lots of activities (rafting, juving, ducky, kajaking etc) in the summertime. You can also visit Heidal where you will find Norway´s largest density of protected houses and farms.
Bedrooms main cabin
Bedroom 1: Double bed with elevation bed
Bedroom 2: Double bed + 2 double fold-out armchairs that can be made into 2 wide single beds. The room has TV, large fireplace and own terrace.
Bedroom 3: Family bunk 140 cm lower bunk and 120 cm top bunk
Library with fireplace: can easily be made into a private bedroom with a double bed 140 cm
Sleeping alcove: with own window and 120 cm bed
Bedroom Annex
Bedroom 1: 1 double bed
Bedroom 2: Family bunk bed with 140 cm lower bunk and 90 cm top bunk
Bedroom 3: Family bunk bed with 140 cm lower bunk and 120 cm top bunk
6 bathrooms
All bathrooms have shower pipes a hand showers with up to 3 different jets.
Bathroom 1: Shower and toilet
Bathroom 2: Shower and toilet
Bathroom 3: Shower and toilet
Bathroom 4: Shower and toilet
Bathroom 5: Toilet and washbasin
Bathroom 6: Shower (6) and toilet and washbasin (in spa)
In the barn you will find
- A large spa
- Washer and dryer
- Extra freezer and refrigerator
- Ski waxing/preparation room with own ventilation
- Drying room
Other information
260 square meters + 40 square meters wardrobe, animals not allowed, non-smoking, Internet, terrace, parking