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A new cabin with an exquisite location at the top of Kvitfjell Varden. 5 bedrooms, 12 beds, 2 bathrooms, ski in/ski out and fully equipped kitchen
Varden is the perfect place to stay for families due to the green and blue slopes. The area is perfect for the whole family and for those who love big carving curves.

A new gondola takes you from the west side and over to Varden and a new chair lift with 6 seats brings you to the top of the new mountainside.

In the summer we have great areas for biking and hiking. Within 30 minutes you can drive to places like Hunderfossen (amusement park) in the south and Fron badeland (waterpark) in the north.
In a short distance you find cosy villages like Ringebu and Fåvang.

The cabin has a open floorplan which gives a big open room for kitchen, livingroom and diningarea. Here you have a fireplace..

Also a livingroom up in the loft, With TV and a sofa.

You have a fully equipped kitchen with a refrigerator, freezer, a dishwasher, a stove and a microwave. The cabin is spacious and has a very nice diningarea where you can enjoy good food with family and friends.

5 separate bedrooms:
Bedroom 1: Double bed
Bedroom 2: Double bed
Bedroom 3: Family bunk bed, 150 cm / 90 cm
Bedroom 4: Family bunk bed. 140 cm / 90 cm
Bedroom 5: 2 x Singelbeds

2 separate bathroom:
Bathroom 1: shower, toilet, sauna.
Bathroom 2: shower, toilet

Further information:
The cabin has a laundrymachine and dryer.
200 m2. Pets allowed, but NOT cat.
Internet access, parking