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StudioH A208

Functional and urban ski in/ski out apartments at Kvitfjell Vestsiden. 2 bedrooms, 7 beds, 1 bathroom, terrace, fully equipped kitchen and a great outdoor area.
Studio H is a functional appartment building, perfectly located at Kvitfjell West. All the appartments are urbane and has the same room division, but unique in style and color.

It has a great outdoor area with their own lift, which brings you straight to the slopes, and the cross-country slopes passes right by. The outdoor area on the backside of the building is shielded from traffic, and lit by night, which makes it perfect for childplay and familytime throughout the day.

In the summer we have great hiking and bicycle options. With a half hour´s drive you can see several attractions like Hunderfossen in south and Fron waterpark in the north. Short distance to the small villages such as Ringebu and Fåvang.

The living room contains a sofa , TV.

The kitchen is fully equipped and has a fridge with freezer compartment, stove, dishwasher.
2 separate bedrooms
Bedroom 1:Double lower bunk, single upper bunk.
Bedroom 2: 2 Bunk beds.

Bathroom 1:
Shower, WC

future information
Pets not allowed.
Wi-fi, terrasse.