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Storslåvegen 66A

Vertical cabin with wonderful location on Mosetertoppen. Nice, practical and stylish. Welcome to Storslåvegen 66A.
Perfectly facilitated for an amazing ski vacation or just a relaxing weekend in the mountain. Ski in/out downhill and cross country via Moseterløypa.

In summer you have a good location close to activities like downhill cycling, Hunderfossen, Lilleputthammer and Lekeland. Great hiking in the mountains.

Fully equipped kitchen with fridge, freezer, stove, microwave, dishwasher and social dining area.
The livingroom has fireplace and a sofa area with TV.
There is also a loft area with beanbags, TV and Playstation.4 separate bedrooms
Bedroom 1: Double bed
Bedroom 2: Double under, single over bunkbed
Bedroom 3: Double under, single over bunkbed
Bedroom 4: Double under, single over bunkbed

2 separate bathrooms
Bathroom 1: Shower, toilet, sauna.
Bathroom 2: Shower, toilet
Wachingmachine in seperat room, and also a practical room for ski equipment.
There is alså free WiFi and terrace with a view.
Outside parking.

Pets allowed on request.