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Varden is the perfect place to stay for families due to the green and blue slopes. The area is perfect for the whole family and for those who love big carving curves.

A new gondola takes you from the west side and over to Varden and a new chair lift with 6 seats brings you to the top of the new mountainside.
By the entrance to the kingdom of Peer Gynt and close to the slopes is Varden Comfort situated. Our new cabins have a very high standard and include the little extra which makes your vacation more comfortable and complete. Kvitfjell Varden is a unique area.

The living room has a sofa, TV and a fireplace.

You have a fully equipped kitchen with a refrigerator, freezer, a dishwasher, a stove and a microwave. The cabin is spacious and has a very nice dining room for 10 people where you can enjoy good food with family and friends. 4 separate bedrooms:
Bedroom 1 Double bed
Bedroom 2 Double bed
Bedroom 3 Bunk bed (150 cm under and 95 cm over)
Bedroom 4 Bunk bed (150 cm under and 95 cm over)

2 separate bathroom:
Bathroom 1: shower, toilet, sauna, washing maschine, dryer
Bathroom 2: shower, toilet

The comfort package can be added from the shopping kart and includes:
Made beds
Two towels per person (one small and one large towel)
Two sacks of wood
Toilet paper and paper towels
Hand soap in the bathrooms
Coffee filter
A bag of coffee and 10 capsules for the coffee maschine.
Tablets for the dishwasher and detergent
Towels to dry dishes and cloths
Have you rented skis they will be placed in the cabin by arrival.
Kids Skiuker will be included in January and Marsh

Further information:
Drying cabinet, shoe dryer, ski storage
130 m2
Pets are not allowed.
Internet access, parking