Regler for leie av skiutstyr i Kvitfjell

Regulations for ski rental at Kvitfjell


1. Kvitfjell Ski rental does not take responsibility for injury or damage caused by rental equipment. This includes injury to the hirer and to third parties.

2. I am aware that the ski binding has a safety release mechanism, and the bindings do not release in every situation. Snowboard do not have a saftey release.

3. I agree to replace lost and damaged equipment.

4. The insurance applies only to damaged equipment used in groomed slopes.

5. All rental equipment must be prepaid. Refunds are only given in case of illness and if a doctor’s note can be shown.

6. A personal identification must be shown when renting equipment.

7. The renter is responsible to inspect the equipment.

8. Rented equipment cannot be sold, rented or lend out by the renter.

9. Rented equipment shall only be used in groomed slopes.

10. All rented equipment must be returned to the ski rental before closing time on the last day of rental.