Gastronomy in Kvitfjell

Kvitfjell Alpinanlegg has a wide selection of restaurants spread over the three mountain sides. Whether you want freshly made pizza, hot soup, freshly baked cinnamon buns or a good cup of cocoa. Or even a gastronomic dining experience.


Midstation on the eastside



Fôr Restaurant is located between the slopes at Mellomstasjonen. Here you will find food that suits everyone.

The focus at Fôr Restaurant is to have good and homemade food at a nice price. They also have a tempting kids menu available.




Prepperiet is located in Gudbrandsgard Hotell. Here you get a homemade 3-course dinner with a touch of local ingredients.

Some days there are special menus linked to holidays, high season and weekends.


Skibaren and Lobbybaren

Skibaren is located near the terrace at Gudbrandsgard Hotell. It is newly renovated with an exclusive feel and a cozy atmosphere. Here they serve home-made small dishes with hints of local ingredients.

The lobby bar invites you to a break by the fireplace, so here it is easy to relax. In addition to good drinks, you also get small dishes, as well as cocoa with cream or a cup of tea or coffee. 

Koia Kvitfjell


Koia is located at Midstation on the eastside in Kvitfjell Alpinanlegg, close to Gudbrandsgard Hotel. Here they have lunch service, good atmosphere and ambience where everyone can thrive, children and adults.

Koia is open every day throughout the winter season.

Beite Kvitfjell


Beite is a brand new restaurant at Midstation on the eastside in Kvitfjell, in the old premises of Plassen at Gudbrandsgard Hotell. Here they will serve food inspired by the Alps and really give people a feeling of the mountains. The interior is completely renewed and will, followed by excellent, give people a little feeling of the Alps  in Norway. Welcome to the opening on November 7th.




At Tyrihanstunet you will find three charming restaurants in Norwegian traditional architecture: Tyrihans Skicafè, Pizzahuset and afterskien Fjøset. With the skis as a means of transport, you will quickly find the restaurants which offers good, fresh food and a perfect location close to the slopes on the west side of Kvitfjell. The menu includes the classic Club Sandwich, tomato soup and pizza.

Gondolen fjellbistro

Gondolen Fjellbistro

Welcome to Gondolen Fjellbistro on Skitorget, Kvitfjell West.

Here you get homemade food, whether it is a burger or pasta, hot and cold drinks and a good atmosphere. Feel free to book a table in advance or drop by. You will find the restaurant on Skitorget on the West Side. They also have a small kiosk out on the terrace if you want to sit outside in front of the fire with a hot soup.


Lettvint Café and Bar

Lettvint is an intimate café and bar with social activities, light food and good drinks. With the help of cosy interior, atmosphere and activities, they stand out from the other restaurants in Kvitfjell. Lettvint offers activities such as shuffleboard, darts, beer pong and board games.


Varden Kvitfjell

Varden Restaurant

High up on the 3rd mountain side in Kvitfjell you find Varden Restaurant. The view here is in itself worth a visit, with fantastic Rondane and Jotunheimen as a backdrop. Here there is skiing in and out, as well as immediate proximity to the cross-country trails. Homemade breakfast, sandwiches and lunch are served here. In addition, wine and tapas evenings are arranged throughout the season.