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Hestknappen 142

Storhytter med høy standard på Mellomstasjonen i Kvitfjell, hvor alt ligger til rette for fantastiske skiopplevelser.
Hyttene har alt fra 5 til 10 soverom og med plass til 16 - 35 personer.
På Mellomstasjonen finnes blandt annet skiutleie, sportsbutikk, skiskole, barneområdet Snørøverland, Børson Dagligvare, GudrandsGard Hotell, Plaza skicafe og Koia afterski.
-Litt for enhver smak, enten det er firmatur, storfamilien eller vennegjengen som vil nyte vintervakre Kvitfjell.

CABINS | Grand cabin located at Kvitfjells eastside. 5 bedrooms, 15 beds, 2 bathrooms, fully equipped kitchen and a delicate fireplace.

This is a gem om Kvitfjells eastside. Great location with a fantastic view towards the mountain range Rondane. This cabin has got all the qualifications to create the ultimate cabin experience. With an open and spacious floorplan. Up to 15 beds and a consistent stylish furnishing. It´s perfect for a relaxing holiday with the family, or gathering with great friends and colleagues. Perfectly located for long days in the slopes, or cross-country skiing.

In the summer we have great hiking and bicycle options. With a half hour´s drive you can see several attractions like Hunderfossen in south and Fron waterpark in the north. Short distance to the small villages such as Ringebu and Fåvang.

Livingroom contains sofa, TV, here you can also enjoy the winter evening in front of the fireplace.