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Group lessons - Age 3-8 - East side

Jøkul's Ski school for kids with an age of 3-8 years.

Our main focus is to create a life long relationship to skiing.

We will choose terrain and areas depending og age and skiing level. On both sides of Kvitfjell we have our own ski school areas. In addition we have Varden with green as well as blue slopes and plenty of slopes in the forrest that are ideal for teaching eager kids on skis.

MEETING POINTS: Lift G, KIDS GudbrandsGard, East side

Jøkul Mini age 3-4 - 4 day course á 55 min pr day, NOK 895.
Jøkul Green/Blue/Red age 5-8 - 4 day course á 90 min pr day, NOK 1195.

Make sure that the child/children have done the following before the lesson:
* ...gone to the restroom
* ...eaten and drunk
* ...wear suitable clothes accordring to the weather

PARTICIPANTS - Min 4 per group.
When 3 participants, the course will run for 3*90 min / 3* 55 min Jøkul mini
When 2 participants, the course will run for 2*90 min / 2* 55 min Jøkul mini
When 1 participant, the course will run for 1*90 min / 1* 55 min Jøkul mini

price from 895
NOK /Per person

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