servering på gudbrandsgard

Food and beverage

GudbrandsGard Hotel is famous for its fine cuisine. Here you will find local food mixed with international inspiration from our experienced chefs.

Gildestua is a buffet restaurant. The place is perfect for dinner for two, as well as a larger group. Our breakfast will give a perfect start for the day, and a perfect ending with a tasty buffet in nice environments and a nice view. 

Gildestua has the capacity of 150 people.

Prepperiet - our new restaurant!
Try all local ingredients with a touch of international flavours in beautiful surroundings.














Skibaren - The Ski Bar
The ski bar at GudbrandsGard is located inside, by the Terrace of the hotel and right to Prepperiet. The bar was recently redone. We welcome you to a nice beverage and a cozy after ski experience.

The Ski bar













The Wine Cellar
We are proud to introduce our Wine Cellar with red wines, white wines, champagne and cognac in all price ranges.

The room has a wonderful atmosphare and is perfect for smaller groups who are looking for a special experience or a wine tasting. 

Wine cellar

Lobbycafeen - The Lobby Cafe
GudrandsGard hotel is changing the lobby bar into a cazy cafe area. Simple food, and high quality tea and coffee will be served here.