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Cabins and apartments located on Kvitfjell´s sunny side, West side. The cabins have a very good standard and location. The west side can offer ski rental, sports shop, various restaurants and children´s area, which makes this area suitable for families with children
Semidetached cabin at Kvitfjell Vest in Bjønnliskardet. 2 bedrooms, 5-7 beds, 1 bathroom and separate toilet.
Great location for cross country and downhill skiing. Can be combined with Bjønnliskardet 22B

Livingroom with sofa, TV and fireplace.
Fully equipped kitchen with fridge, freezer, dishwasher, stove og micro.

Bedroom 1: Family-bunkbed and 1 single-bed.
Bedroom 2: Familiy-bunkbed.

Bathroom with shower. Separate toilet.

Free outside parking.